Personalized Media Stagnating Pop Culture

decline of pop culture

Jump in your wayback machine for a moment if you have one. Take it back a decade or two, before the death of radio, before there were over 100 television stations to choose from, before the birth of the iPod. Those were the days of the “water cooler” TV show was the “The Wonder Years.” […]

A Glimpse on Today’s Explosion of Television Series

glimpse of tv series

The rise of television series has taken the heart of millions of fans around the world. The list goes on. From zombies and dragons, superheroes and supernatural folklores, to comedic community college and hilarious office settings – it seems that there is an endless possibility of providing weekly entertainment for audiences around the globe. Sit […]

Music Tuesday Got Moved to Friday

Music Friday

Music has been one of pop culture’s major foundations. From guitar-wielding, long-haired rock stars and torn jeans, pink haired punk artists to main stream hip-hop and female celebrated pop icons, the demand for music is higher than ever. But since we now live in a world where practically everything can be shared through the internet, […]

Film’s Twist Defining the Audience Experience

Plot Twist

Although M. Night Shyamalan is frequently credited with popularizing the “twist” ending in mainstream movies, audiences have always treated these types of movies in a special way. Many viewers use movies with complicated or surprising endings as a barometer, a tool to gauge if someone is a casual film viewer or not. If they understood […]

Fan Sites and Pop Culture Devotion

fan sites and pop culture

Fan bases are in luck when it comes to the World Wide Web. The vast array of fan sites devoted to pop culture phenomena will satisfy any audience, no matter how devoted. Fan sites of all stripes are practically innumerable. They can cover everything from a classic television series to last year’s latest pop culture […]