glimpse of tv series

The rise of television series has taken the heart of millions of fans around the world. The list goes on. From zombies and dragons, superheroes and supernatural folklores, to comedic community college and hilarious office settings – it seems that there is an endless possibility of providing weekly entertainment for audiences around the globe.

Sit and consume

To many, the release of new episodes of their favorite show is one of the things they’re looking forward to each week. It’s like an addiction. And the more compelling the story and characters are, the deeper that addiction burrows.

Among the most popular shows today are AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and HBO’s “Game of Thrones”.

The former is based on a comic book by Rober Kirkman regarding an apocalyptic world ridden by flesh eating zombies. The latter is an adaptation of the classic fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin.

So how exactly did these two shows capture the hearts, attention, and imagination of millions of people worldwide? How can audiences sit and consume these series without getting bored out their mind?

The Walking Dead

Let’s look at the heart-racing, nail-biting show that is “The Walking Dead” first. As twisted as it sounds, a lot of people out there are dreaming to live in a world where a zombie apocalypse is taking place.

Perhaps the main reason for this is it provides a break to their lives’ monotonous pace and replace with something more exciting, more dangerous; where adventure and suspense can be found at every corner. Of course, there is also the huge possibility of getting eaten alive by mindless walking corpses but let’s not get all gloomy here.

Game of Thrones

This fantasy show, on the other hand, offers more complexity – both in plot and characters. It’s set in a medieval age, which, similar to The Walking Dead, gives an alien yet captivating environment that isn’t to be found in the real world.

But the heart and soul of the show lies in character development and the dangers surrounding these characters. To avoid spoilers, simply understand that nothing is what seems to be. Unlike other stories where the good always prevail, in “Game of Thrones”, it’s a complicated maze.

You watch the show, root for a character, and by the end of the season your heart is on the floor broken in several places.

Strike a debate

The ability of these shows to strike debate among its audiences is perhaps its greatest riveting element. The characters are consistently hurled into the middle of a situation where the line between evil and morality is as thin as parchment.

How far will you go to protect your family? Is saving a friend’s life justify you killing a stranger whom you don’t even know?

These factors, along with numerous others, are why “The Walking Dead” and “Game of Thrones” is among today’s top television series. And of course, zombies, dragons, and a bit – okay a whole lot – of nudity will have people sitting on their couch waiting as the countdown to their favorite series airs another episode.