Fan-base, a word that can either put a grin or a scowl on a TV executive’s face. Fan-base is where it’s at when it comes to anything entertainment. If you have a large following then you’re a hit. If not then you’re off to the wood-chipper.

We talk about what other people are talking about. If it’s popular, successful, and has hooked millions of people, chances are we’ll write about it.


Well, people like to read about what people are talking about. That’s our thing here in Stole My Heart: entertainment.

If you’re someone who’s deeply passionate about a certain band, group, TV show, music icon, music genre; blockbuster hits, and anything that comes in the form of entertainment, you’ve come to the right place.

Hey, we might even do some pieces of your own choosing in the future. Granted we’ll have to screen it first, but who knows? Maybe it would pass through.

So what exactly is in it for you, our readers? What can we offer you worth your time?

Well, one of our policy here – and we stick to this rather tenaciously – is that articles that are to be written shouldn’t be outdated. Rest assure that whatever it is that we currently release is something that is already making a noise in the entertainment industry, something related to that noise, or something that’ll soon make that noise.

That’s entertainment for us.

But of course rules are made to be bended or broken. That’s not to say we’re going to write something dull or antiquated or outside our niche. It simply means that we will deviate from it on occasions. Not far, mind you, just enough comfortable distance that it’s still considered entertainment.

We’re geek here by hearts. We also freaked out when our favorite artists won an award or they announce a concert near us. Even though there is a slim chance that we can attend, we freak out all the same.

We love TV shows. Binge-watching is among our top time-burners. Maybe we’re even a fan of the same TV show? We published a piece about two of the most popular TV series today. You might want to check that out. Shoot us a message if you want to us to expand on that topic.

We love music, both mainstream and indie. So this site is also a place where you can discover new artists.

Movies are also among our top priority here. Which film made it big? Which didn’t, and why? Poor marketing, maybe? Casted the wrong guy? We’ll talk about that some more in the future.

Lastly, we value your opinion above all else. Start a conversation below our articles. Or just leave a comment regarding the topic we chose for that week and we’ll take the time to respond to you at our earliest convenience. You can access our contact page here.