fan sites and pop cultureFan bases are in luck when it comes to the World Wide Web. The vast array of fan sites devoted to pop culture phenomena will satisfy any audience, no matter how devoted.

Fan sites of all stripes are practically innumerable. They can cover everything from a classic television series to last year’s latest pop culture phenomenon. And these fan sites can examine those topics, and more, in a variety of ways: the encyclopedic approach, a basic blog format peppered with links and embedded video clips or a daily main page divided into more subcategories than can be easily counted, to name a few.

Here are some examples of web addresses that go above and beyond the call of fan site.

Extensive Encyclopedias

The Star Trek universe is, in a word, massive. The series kicked off in 1966 and it’s still going strong, with the latest film, 2009’s simply titled Star Trek, even winning an Oscar. With six television series and 11 films, only an expansive database can cover the scope of the franchise. Thus, devoted fans created Memory Alpha, wisely choosing the encyclopedic format. If a visitor is wondering about the “odd/even” phenomenon in the popularity and quality of the films, who played Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s love interests or the technology the Ferengi race used as they traversed the final frontier, they won’t come away disappointed.

Nearly as impressive, if not more so, is Lostpedia. Lostpedia is a compendium of information on the mythology, cast and crew of ABC’s Lost, perhaps the most acceptable form of geek entertainment today. Lost’s appeal is due in part to its overarching themes of choices, destiny and good versus evil, but also in part to the endless clues hinting at the deeper parts of the show’s mysteries. Lostpedia offers fan theories, character histories and connections, episode synopses and even interviews with some of the actors and production team, co-show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse included.

The King of Geeks and His Loyal Followers

The devoted following behind Whedonesque take their own tack on fan sites. Whedonesque is a tribute to a single man, Joss Whedon, and his entire body of work. And when someone has, in their time, helmed four cult hit TV shows and dabbled in the arts of comics, web series and screenwriting, it’s not exactly easy for fans to cover everything they’ve done. But the people of Whedonesque try, and it could be safely said that they succeed.On any given day, the administrators post between five and ten factoids pertaining to stars of Whedon-run TV series, charity auctions of Whedon-related artifacts, birthday announcements and pretty much any other bit of information related to Whedon and his work, no matter how minor or major. Whether someone recently discovered Whedon, or simply needs to know when they need to send Buffy: The Vampire Slayer’s David Boreanaz a birthday card, this is their domain.

Just Another Day at The Office

Does any current TV comedy have more mass appeal than The Office? Its strong ensemble, docu-style shooting, improvised feel, relatable workplace scenarios and unique brand of humor all contribute to the show’s success. It’s no wonder that a program with consistently high ratings would have a dedicated fan site. But OfficeTally is more than that.

OfficeTally is run on the WordPress blog platform. Its administrators update the site daily and then some. Groups of photos from the show’s set, spoilers for future episodes and clips of interviews with cast members are just a few of the features posted to the blog. If someone just can’t resist figuring out what sorts of scenes were deleted from the episode that aired three weeks back, there’s no better place to figure it out.